The Art of Healing with Carolyn Harrington

May 23, 2017

When I read about Carolyn’s experiences with healing herself and her daughter 20 years ago, I wanted to bring her on the show. Her experiences were before the current popularity of energy healing and integrative medicine. At that time, it was in the fringes and it was really hard to get good and useful information about it. Much of it was trial and error, to eat soy, to not eat soy, butter or margarine, etc.

Carolyn’s daughter, Maty, was born in 1996 with heart defects, no spleen and a compromised immune system. This condition required very serious surgeries leading to severe consequences. I know for myself, when it came to taking care of my children (and both of them had incredible challenges growing up), that I would do anything to help them.

Carolyn did and got burned out and developed rheumatoid arthritis in the process. This is a common story.

The good that came out of it is the development of her company, Maty’s Healthy Products, which are found in stores all across the country now! She talks about The Art of Healing in her blog. She is a medical intuitive and certified Holistic Health Practitioner, which helped formulate her line of natural and organic health products sold nationally. Yes, you’ll find them in your everyday stores like Ralph’s, Target, Rite-Aid, and CVS. Listen in as she tells her story of what happened and why she has made it her mission to empower people to heal naturally.

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Relationships are THE NUMBER ONE factor in health, wealth, and happiness

May 11, 2017

You may have heard me say this before, but it bears repeating.

Relationships are THE NUMBER ONE factor in health, wealth, and happiness.

Don’t just take my word for it. More than seventy years of research at prestigious universities and medical schools, such as Harvard, Yale and Johns Hopkins, have shown this. And my healing practice reflects this statistic based on the frequency of health problems related to relationships and the stress in them.

I was one of those. I did everything “right”, meaning the right food, plenty of sleep and exercise. I still got very ill where I was to the point of having at most two good hours a day in which I was alert, able to think clearly and move around. I remember dragging myself to work by 11 or so, and my head would be down on the desk between two and three sound asleep.

It took me at least 15 years to recover myself back to the land of the living and 20 years to have a great relationship appear in my life.

It doesn’t have to take that long for you.

In today’s radio show, Gwen Lepard and I talk about how quickly amazing results can appear in your life after the old emotional baggage and the stress that causes is released by a relationship clearing. It isn’t decades, years or months. It happens in days and sometimes hours.

You’ll hear about several case studies in which amazing miracles happened upon releasing that old energy.
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Now I haven’t met a single person who didn’t benefit from clearing a relationship. I’m not just talking about your life partner, I’m also talking about parents, siblings, close friends and relatives, and working colleagues. If you’re in a relationship that you intend to stay in, you’ll find a new spark or a new understanding appearing. If you’ve exited a relationship, even under amicable circumstances, often a clearing can produce really magical results.

I clear old relationship baggage routinely for my clients and people in my programs. And it is a favorite technique amongst my students learning Scientific Healing. Their clients see fast results.

I have a free five day relationship challenge that covers the energetic connections in relationships, lets you participate in the process so your results are solidified and you receive the healing from me directly. Each session is 15 minutes approximately and if you act now, you can get in on it while it’s live this coming week.

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No Wine Before its Time

May 3, 2017

Turning up the heat in an oven to make your dish cook faster is never the answer. You end up with a burned shell with a raw core. For many things in life, there is a correct speed and vigor for which you accomplish something that makes the perfect dish. Ever wonder what that might be? This is one bit of wisdom that Claudia Thompson can help you with. You get a dose of that in today’s show.

The first time I heard Claudia speak in front of a large audience, she shared a wealth of calm wisdom. She calls herself a moon astrologer, but wait until you hear what that means.

Before this activity, Claudia has had an amazingly diverse set of activities: This includes an earlier career as a make-up artist and hairstylist for television, for which she won an Emmy. She hosted her own radio show called “Star Talk” and is a prolific writer of books and appeared in magazines and on television to talk about what she calls lunar astrology.

She looked to the stars for guidance for 25 years but discovered that it’s really the waxing and waning of the moon cycles that exert the most profound influence.

Indeed, scientifically the moon influences the tides and since we are 70% water, it must also influence life itself. Statistically, more babies are born on full moons as my daughter was. When I worked as a telephone operator, our busiest nights with the most bizarre incidences happened on full moons. This is a well-known phenomenon and is often written about.

Mind you, this isn’t astrology in the sense most people see it. Instead, it’s truly the influence of the moon’s gravity and additional light from the full moon at night. Have you noticed that by the light of the full moon, you have a very distinct shadow on the ground? Listen in to discover how you may benefit from following the moon cycle, the eight important phases in this cycle, and what this might mean for you.

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Do you have old ties and Karma you want cleaned up?

April 20, 2017

Sue Lundquist created an amazing business based on gratitude. Her radio show, The Gratitude Cafe, is a series of uplifting messages. I was privileged to be on her show this week.

In the first half of the show, we talk about my background and reveal some profound insights into why people get sick and where their illness shows up.

The focus of the second half of the show is on relationships where I introduce my free 5-day Relationship Challenge. It created a lot of activity and buzz. Here are the details:

According to 70 plus years of research at prestigious universities such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Yale, the number one factor that contributes to health wealth and happiness is your relationships. Your relationships come above what you eat, your exercise, your career, your mental or emotional health. Your relationships are that important.

One fast way to improve these relationships, whether they are past or current is to clear any poor energetic imprint they’ve left on you.

How would you know if you have such an imprint? Ask yourself when you think of that person or people, do you feel regret, sorrow, jealousy, anger, fear, guilt or shame. When this is a past relationship, it means that there are energetic shackles holding you back from moving forward as if you are still in a relationship with that person. In a present relationship, these low energy emotions can rob you of joy and or intimacy and keep you stuck in a pattern of self sabotage and even poverty.

When you are ready to release that old baggage, stinking up your life like rotting garbage, my free gift can help you move past those old feelings into a new place of joy, relief and gratitude. Imagine yourself freed of the weight of low energy emotions and how they can raise your frequency so you can become your best self.

A new free 5-day relationship challenge is in the making and will be available soon. The end result will be to give you new perspective on your relationships, no matter how painful they were, clear out the old harmful relationship baggage energetically, so you can move forward free of that old energy. My students say this is one of the most powerful teachings in my programs and not only have MY clients experienced amazing miracles, so have theirs.

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Are you living in a fog of deception?

April 13, 2017

April is a time of rebirth. The flowers are in explosive bloom after a winter of laying dormant. It’s time to move from your inner space to your outer world in the same way.

This is about exploring how you move from your inner world to the world around you through authentic communication. The way you communicate and the words you use them can either improve your relationship with yourself and others or damage them.

Individual words have energy. Feel the difference between “pretty” and “not ugly”.

In today’s blog post and radio show, we explore how this makes a huge difference in your life and how the world perceives and experiences your inner world. It will make a huge difference in your relationships and/or your business. After all, business is about relationships not products especially if you are providing valuable services.

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There are ways to release the fog from messages you hear all day long, such as cutting cords and grounding, standby tools for clearing energy you don’t want.  There are also some really great imagery exercises, such as imagining you’re walking up a mountain trail or over looking the ocean and it’s just you and the world.  No one else is there, nothing else matters, it’s just you and your higher power.  What are you hearing now?

I’ve prepared a mini guide for protecting yourself from others, which includes their messages and lower energy.  It’s free, you can download it here.


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Edith Espinola

April 4, 2017

EdithEspinola.resizedEdith Espinola is an award winning realtor with Keller Williams in Silicon Valley of California. Her career starting in 2003 took off like a rocket and continued on for many years. She was on the Leadership Council and faculty for teaching agents how to be successful and better agents. Her career took a nosedive in 2010 when her marriage started faltering, followed quicky by   her husband’s  suddenly death from a heart attack. She sank into a deep depression and was forced to re-evaluate her life and how she approached it.  This process has drawn her into a place of love and gratitude.

While you might ask why a realtor would be on a healing show, it’s clear to me that you can heal while in any career. Edith approaches finding a home for her clients as helping them find their dreams. She uses all the life coaching skills she’s learned since her husbands death, including the principles of manifestation and the Law of Attraction. That our thoughts have created the life we are now living and how being clear about what you’d like in a dream home means that you’ll be able to manifest it.

After her husband died, many of her relationships dissolved which brought her to a very questioning and pensive state, sometimes dark and lonely. Then she found strength with the help of the those that loved her: they reminded her of who she truly is. Now she has a happy and close knit family life, a successful real estate career and most recently she decided to take what she’s learned and help more people through Life Coaching. She has a natural gift of healing: she helps people prevail over their limiting beliefs and also help them realize their dreams or find them their dream home.

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Merging business with contribution with Laura Gisborne

March 28, 2017

Laura Gisborne and I met a few years ago and chatted briefly.  I was instantly attracted to her but it wasn’t until I ate lunch with her early last fall that I realized what an amazing business coach she is.  With 20 years experience in business, Laura gained a wealth of knowledge by structuring and selling small boutique businesses to owning a multi-million dollar wine and real estate empire, in total 9 businesses.

Laura is an engaging Internationally recognized speaker and consults for top business leaders and entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries. The innovative business model of her company, Legacy Leaders Global, exemplifies that companies can be both profitable and purposeful.

She has appeared on major TV networks like CBS and ABC, has helped build community and education through contribution via non-profits, and written popular books, her latest called “limitless women.”

Listen in as she reveals her top secrets to bring ease and joy into her client’s lives while they have a successful business that helps and contributes to others in big ways. You will discover among other things, what structures are important and why.

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Developing the Art of Listening to Your Inner Voice Amid the Noise in Your Life

March 23, 2017

In today’s world, more than ever, it gets harder and harder to pay attention to your intuition or inner voice. You can get caught up in the doing, going down your checklists, ticking items off one by one. You can get pushed into making fast decisions where you are running as fast as you can and often end up making the wrong decisions.
Here you are functioning in the conscious brain, vacillating between your emotions and logical mind, especially if the emotions are low energy. The noise gets so loud in your brain that you can lose connection to what’s really important.

There are even further issues that you might not be aware of, that is that of cording. Cords are lines of energy that connect us to things. In addition to people in your family, your business, your friends and your clients, you have a lot of objects in your vicinity, including your clothing/shoes/jewelry, your books, your artwork, your furniture, and even your home. Everything around you, where you’ve gone, who you know, and what you own cords to you. They all have energy and the cording outside that from the heart that are love, can drag, push and pull you in all directions.
These cords contribute to the white noise, making it more difficult to get in touch with your inner self so you can hear your inner voice. The conscious mind is only 0.0002% of your mind, with the balance being your subconscious mind. (The correct numbers are 20,000,000 bits are processed by the subconscious while the conscious handles 40 bits per second.)
The conscious mind is the gatekeeper and lets the information flow back and forth or not. When it is overwhelmed, you end up deaf to your inner voice.
In this weeks show, Gwen Lepard expertly interviews me on these concepts and we reveal simple processes to help you overcome the white noise to bring you back to yourself, your inner voice or intuition.

We reiterate the importances of cutting cords, sometimes several times a day. Just as in personal hygiene, energetic hygiene is much like tending a garden. You need to weed, tend, water, feed and hoe your garden to keep it in great shape. Likewise, doing an energetic process like deep breathing, cutting cords, and yoga stretching to facilitate the flow of energy along the body’s channels.

You can find out more about the Energize Your Brain program here:

Listen in as we dive deep into clearing the mental and emotional clutter to becoming more truly yourself, connecting with your divine inner self and hear what your intuition offers you.

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Being YOU with Tiffany Scott

March 14, 2017

Many of my listeners are healers, coaches, authors and speakers and they primarily work offline. Often, we all sound the same labeling ourselves as “energy healer”, “intuitive life coach”, and “best selling author” and using words like purpose and passion. How do you differentiate yourself, how do you show who you truly are, and who can tell you what is unique about you so you can magnetize your audience, friends or families, clients or customers. Tiffany Scott is your go-to person for that.

I met Tiffany right when she was starting her branding agency. We hit it off right away: I have watched her blossom in her business, attracting an amazing group of women to her, speaking eloquently in front of worldwide audiences about her topic.

Tiffany is a genius when it comes to bringing out the best in you. She has worked with very recognizable brands, like Speedo and Miller’s of Australia. She brings fun, effervescence, and soul to help you discover who you are on a deep level and help you magnetize the right people to you.

Listen in to this weeks radio show to discovery why branding is the most intelligent thing you can do for your healing/helping business and how it saves you a lot of time and money by allowing you to attract your best and ideal clients. They say yes before you sell them anything!

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Coming back to life from cancer with Dr. Tedd Koren

March 8, 2017

Dr. Tedd Koren trained as a chiropractor but he’s not just about helping you relieve your back pain.  He has demonstrated how much the body is a whole unit and adjustments can help change so many things in your body.  He’s an amazing advocate for natural and integrative medicine, has gone up against big organizations when they tried to dictate his actions AND won, and developed his own process for helping release trauma from the body called the Koren Specific Technique.  He is a prolific writer, sought after speaker and teaches people all over the world his trauma release technique.

In fact when I met Dr. Tedd about 3 years ago, he demonstrated how this worked to me and I could feel the energy flow so dramatically and the headaches I had developed over the last decade became a thing of the past.  This is permanent, unlike so many processes that are offered out there.

One of Dr. Tedd’s many passions is the mis-conceptions around cancer.  That’s our topic for today.

Today you’ll hear some amazing new ideas (or really old ideas) brought into the forefront on healing cancer.  These should give you food for thought.

You’ll discover why oral or dental health is so important, why going back to some old practices that we don’t do in this country (USA)  much (like fasting, saunas, or regular massage) will benefit you, why getting a cold or flu is a good thing, and even why would should get proactive in demanding different care from your doctors.  Get a pencil and paper out to take copious notes.

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